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Important Notice

The government has announced that they wish to further enhance the authenticity, accuracy of domain name registration information. As part of this initiative all .CN registrations (any domain that ends in .CN) now require additional documentation to be submitted together with registrations.

Existing registrations must supply this additional information by the 31st January 2010 in order to avoid closure and deletion of the domain.

This requirement does not currently apply to domains registered with an oversea's registrar.

Although this new requirement does not apply to .cn domains registered with a foreign (overseas) registrar, we recommend that you supply this information to avoid issue.

The official announcement about the new additional registration requirements is on the CNNIC website here We also have further information available on our own site at

In order to assist our clients with this registration process, we will need the following information from clients that have .cn domains.
  • Business Registration (color scan)
  • Chinese ID (both sides must be supplied) or Foreign Passport (color scan).

Please send this information to with the subject line set to the domain name the information is for.

Subject: documentation

Additionally, the name on the ID / Business License needs to correspond with the domain owner registration information. If these are not the same, we will need to change the current domain name information to match. We may require additional information from you to change these details (eg Registrar Login user name / password). If we need this from you we will contact you after receiving your information.

Please ensure that we receive this information by Jan 25th 2010, as final submit date for updated information is Jan 31st 2010. Thank you for your co-operation!